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It all takes brilliant organization and every individual pitching in for the good of the whole.

One of the latest adventures for the family is a new business being headed by the two oldest boys: the Duggar Used Car Lot.

And that's not even the most exciting undertaking on the horizon. Soon this family will be planning a wedding and fixing up a new homestead for the young couple.

And, who knows, maybe mom and her new daughter-in-law will share a room on the maternity ward someday.

The following is a list of episodes of the television series 19 Kids and Counting.

The program is a reality/documentary series about the Duggar Family, shown on TLC.

Meet the Bates family from Tennessee who have decided to visit the Duggars in Arkansas.

To answer these, the quartet has written a new book, "Growing Up Duggar" (Simon & Schuster Inc., .99), in which they discuss their rules of Christian dating and relationships with boys, their family and God.

Yes, it's a small family business for this not so small family.

Everyone is pitching in to help set up the shop, clean up the cars, make the signs and sell those cars.

The Duggars, formerly of "19 Kids and Counting," have some strict rules for when they begin a romantic relationship. The Duggars have described courting as "dating with a purpose." This means that they are not casually dating, but getting to know each other with the end goal being marriage.

The latest Duggar to begin a courtship is Jinger, who started seeing former pro soccer player, Jeremy Vuolo.

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