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The idea was that by chatting with her you’d help her learn, while having some fun and aiding her creators in their AI research. She quickly racked up over 50,000 Twitter followers who could send her direct messages or tweet at her, and she’s sent out over 96,000 tweets so far.The bad news: in the short time since she was released on Wednesday, some of Tay’s new friends figured out how to get her to say some really awful, racist things.Though the bots come from different websites, it’s clear that both use the same code, considering that some of the responses are identical, leading to some redundancy.

She’d always say they were funny and then go off and do something else.Conversational AI is really tricky, and it learns by being trained on lots of data.Brandon Boyer decided to flip the script on a few pesky chatbots.), but Samantha is certainly a unique way of spending that ,374 paycheck that’s hanging around your bank account.“Tools like [Amazon’s] Alexa are interesting, but the ultimate goal of everybody is to build something with a body and a brain, right? “I wanted to do something that would make my mother say ‘wow’ when she sees it.

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    After having issues with clients not updating or reporting status, I changed our help desk system to use port 8080 for standard HTTP requests freeing up port 80 for WSUS.