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Gay and transgender children and young adults are particularly vulnerable.

Butch: Masculine gender expression; a popular term within lesbian and transgender communities to describe lesbians whose gender expression is masculine.

Transgender: One whose inner gender identity differs from the physical characteristics of his/her body at birth.

Female-to-male transgender people were born with female bodies but have a predominantly male gender identity; male-to-female transgender people were born with male bodies but have a predominantly female gender identity.

"So a man in a committed relationship or marriage will have his gorgeous, classy, educated, loyal wife, the mother of his children, his arm candy at social and business functions, but she does not know how to fill his wildest sexual fantasies and some men even feel it would be out of order to request that their beautiful wife perform such acts.

So he goes to the girl who is less inhibited but perhaps is not wife material, but she will go on her head top and whatever else he requests so that he can have a good time and go back home to his family a happy man," she explained.

The term categorizes according to the sex of the object of desire-that is, it describes whether a person is attracted primarily toward people of the same or opposite sex, or to both.

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"Of course, not all men cheat, so I am speaking only of the subset that actually do."Mc Farlane said researchers have identified the following as some reasons why men cheat:1. Men are more likely than women to commit infidelity, largely because men have more testosterone, which is one of the fuels for sex drive. This can be because of lack of sexual desires being fulfilled, spouse unavailability due to work, school or family commitments."A lot of men complain of feeling left out after the birth of a child, for example, and long to be the centre of attention again," Mc Farlane said.3. "Alcohol is known to lower one's inhibitions, so a few drinks coupled with being alone in an intimate setting, say, after work with a co-worker, can lead to cheating.

An overabundance of women in the work or school setting, for instance in our tertiary institutions where the females outnumber the males by far in many programmes, is another reason.

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