New york singles online dating

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Brooklyn’s older singles have the hardest time dating online — and hipsters might be to blame — according to a new study.

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I’m sitting in a Manhattan apartment watching the sun set with 11 of New York’s most eligible Jewish singles.“We’re clearly obsessed with the young and beautiful in NYC, but maybe it’s really the ultra-hipster, youth-oriented culture in Brooklyn [that’s to blame],” said AYI spokeswoman Joanna Barber.Older Brooklyn daters say they’re forced to search over the bridge or through the tunnel for love.“If you go down Sheepshead Bay, so much has changed,” Vaizer said.“There’s all kinds of people here now, but you can only be attracted to what you’re attracted to.” Manhattan geezers fare the best, with an 8.9 percent chance of being contacted by a fellow dater, the study shows.

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