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Frost said the loud music, which lasted throughout the entire two and a half hour practice, serves two key benefits.The first is keeping the mood festive, but it's also allowing players to learn how to develop non-verbal communication in loud environments where they won't be able to hear each other.UCF will play at one of rowdiest venues this upcoming season when the Knights visit Michigan.And with a fast-paced new offense and defense, it's paramount for players to develop instinctive reactions."We were expecting [the speed,] but our bodies have to get used to it," tight end Jordan Franks said.

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One constant need is harmonizing the requirements of different sets of regulations and compliance standards.

*UCF will provide all the equipment, you will just need to bring sunscreen and a swimsuit.

Focuses on the group as a whole by presenting problem-solving scenarios that require and develop teamwork, trust, leadership and communication skills.

"It's more of the mental aspect that we have to get used to."Much of the window dressing changed for the UCF football program during the its first spring workout with Frost.

Players wore their game jerseys for practice gear, indicating that new game-day jerseys are indeed on the way.

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