Updating games for ps3

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I mean, who wouldn't mind purchasing a game like Bayonetta for Rs 900 off PSN (Play Station Network) when it still sells for Rs 2,499 in brick-and-mortar stores?

Unfortunately, like all good things in life, this too comes with a catch.

Though EA Sports no longer releases updates for FIFA 13, you may still be able to install the latest game and roster updates if it’s been awhile since you played FIFA 13.

The crazy amount of discounts doled out for AAA titles on Play Station Store makes digital downloads seem irresistible compared to expensive physical copies.

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Just let it do it's thing and eventually you'll be up to date and they will stop.It's not just the speed or unpredictability that's concerning.I find it hard to accept the idea of downloading dozen-odd gigabytes of data through a console—something that isn't really built for durability and rigours of 24/7 downloading.A console has a limited lifespan and I'd rather spend it playing games than just downloading them.What if I told you that you could use your laptop or desktop PC to download PSN content, replete with the ability to pause, resume and recover downloads?

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