Who is rachel griffiths dating

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"I have been overpaid and underworked for too long," says Griffiths, during an interview in the basement green room at the Booth Theatre, on a recent Wednesday afternoon between matinee and evening performances of the play.

"And I needed to be underpaid and overworked…So I just felt it was time. You kind of get habitual, and you kind of fake it and wing it. I mean, you can't work a 14-hour day making television at a certain level of truthfulness.

* After spending the past five years working in the formulaic, often stultifying world of network television on the ABC family melodrama "Brothers and Sisters," Rachel Griffiths worried she'd been forming some bad acting habits.

Sure, the Aussie actress was acclaimed for bringing to life the outspoken, temperamental Brenda Chenowith (girlfriend-turned-wife of prodigal son Nate) on the trailblazing HBO drama "Six Feet Under," a role that garnered her a Golden Globe Award, two Emmy nominations, and a legion of fervent admirers.

But while playing Brenda from 2001 to 2005 on "Six Feet Under" was a high water mark of Griffiths' career, for the past five years she's been best known as the headstrong eldest sibling Sarah Walker, a focused and frank businesswoman, on the (some critics say) frustratingly uneven ABC television series "Brothers and Sisters." So when that network decided not to pick up the large ensemble show for a sixth season, Griffiths says she knew it was high time to challenge herself as an actress and reinvigorate skills that she felt had atrophied.

She began thinking about returning to her stage roots, which led to her making her Broadway debut last month (to March 4) in Jon Robin Baitz's politically-potent family drama Other Desert Cities, a play that's become one of the biggest hits of the fall Broadway season.

For a while she lived in the US but shifted back to Australia to be closer to family.

Mike exposes Trevor's true job and Jenny and Trevor break up.READ MORE: *Rachel Griffiths: Enjoying her Indian Summers *Rachel Griffiths joins House Husbands *Big Screen Symposium draws a record crowd with Oscar winners and stars "I had lost my dad the year before and I just realised how little of that side of my family's story I knew, especially on my grandmother's side and I always remember her being a very interesting woman."She died when I was quite young but I grew up very much ensconced in Melbourne with my mother's side of the family so they were always kind of a little bit mysterious so it was just a really lovely time and I think my kids had started to say 'What's the story on that side? ' "Griffiths, 48, who has three children with her artist husband, lives in Melbourne.In the season 5 episode "Uninvited Guests" it is implied that she is married now, none other than to Trevor, and that she doesn't want her or Trevor to interact with Mike ever again.Jenny is introduced in the pilot as Trevor's girlfriend.

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