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While verifying Windows patches were up to date on a few Windows 7 clients, WSUS showed one PC needed some updates with approval: "install" but status: "not installed." Running Windows Update check on the PC was not showing any updates available from the WSUS.Is there any way to force re download and reinstall failed updates on PCs from the server or any other way remotely and centrally or sort this issue in any other way?Also is there any way to monitor windows update in real time on server side or any logs that would show what happens when PC connecting to WSUS for updates?Hi We have a WSUS server 6.2.9200 running on windows 2012 Standard and about 500 PCs using it for updates. About half of PCs updating fine but there are a lot with Updates with errors and/or Updates needed.If I check particular PC I find that number of failed updates on the PC is different from what it shows in WSUS.

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